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Sunday 10th December

Morning worship at 10.30am

Evening worship: Jubilee service, 6.00pm at the Church Centre, meeting for fellowship and coffee at 5.30pm.

Worship in Person

Worship Online


 Saturday 24th December, 10.30am

Morning worship, 10.30am
at Fountainhall Church at the Cross
and at Fountainhall Church the Stocket

Christmas Eve Evening Family Service, 6pm
at Fountainhall Church at the Cross
and at Fountainhall Church at the Stocket

Watchnight Service, 11.30pm
at Fountainhall Church at the Cross
and at Fountainhall Church at the Stocket


Monday 25th December 2023, 10.30am

at Fountainhall Church at the Cross

(There will be no service at Fountainhall at the Stocket on that date).

Greetings from our Ministry Team  ⤵️

Dear folk and friends of Fountainhall Church,

It's hard to believe, but we are now well into Autumn and fast approaching Winter. It is now over four months since the Fountainhall union began.

Time marches on. There is much for us to prepare and plan, to encourage and support, to address and manage changes for the good of the Church and her ministry. 

As we anticipated, the union of four congregations is quite a process to work through. It’s very important that we approach it with faith, hope and love. (a certain writer St. Paul elaborates on this in 1 Corinthians chapter 13). 

Both internally and externally we live in daunting and challenging times. Only in the past few days, a cycle of violence and revenge killing has erupted in Israel and Palestine. Tragically, as in so many situations of conflict, it is the lives of innocent people who just want to get on with living, who are the victims. There is the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. More locally, we know that many people in our own nation are struggling to make ends meet, with the high cost of fuel and energy, the impact of inflation on the cost of essential goods. 

With all of the above it is vital that we focus on life and love as an anchor to hold us through the storms of life and death. Life and love is revealed most fully to us through the one who is the rock of our faith, Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our Lord. In his relationship with his Father, he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This is shown through his teaching, his healing, his prophetic word, his compassion and grace, his serving and sacrifice. In relationship with Christ these characteristics ought to be evident in us. Fountainhall Church is a very large congregation. The risk of that is that individuals may perceive that their own personal involvement or participation, is of less consequence. That is definitely not the case. It may take time to find our particular role and place within the congregation, but there is definitely one for you. A saying of Jesus which I think is very relevant is this “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20) As well as being part of a large congregation it’s important that we value relationships with two or three, where we can share together, pray with, and pray for each other, relax in each other’s company. That kind of fellowship and companionship can make such a difference. Jesus is there in the company. 

In closing, our colleague the Rev Dr Robert Smith has announced that he will be demitting from the Fountainhall Ministry team at the end of October. We would like to thank Robert for his significant part in the Steering Group, leading up to the union, and afterwards in the Leadership Team of the union. Robert is well loved by the congregation and the wider community. He has a voice that many love listening to. Robert’s voice will be missed at Fountainhall Church. We wish Robert, Leanne, Daniel and David a blessed and rewarding time in this new phase of the family’s life. 

With our good wishes and prayers, 

Duncan and Tanya 

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