Main Kitchen at the Cross

Our catering style kitchen at the Cross can be hired in conjunction with the other of the spaces in the premises. 

Our main kitchen is connected to the Main Hall through a hatch, making it ideal to cater your event on this space. 

Our kitchen at the Cross is equipped with an electric range and oven, a beverage hot water heater, a dishwasher, a hot cupboard and a small fridge. Our cups and saucers in the cupboards can be used as well as milk jugs, coffee and tea jugs. 

Please note that the following items are not provided: pans, trays, cutlery, dishes, plates or tea towels. Please provide your own. Should you require to hire these, please speak with the lettings co-ordinator who may be able to assist with a supply. You will also need to supply your own provisions of food, tea, coffee, etc. 

Before you leave... Please remember that there are lots of groups using the premises. You will need to leave the kitchen cleaned and tidied up to high hygiene standards and all the refuse produced by your event will need to be taken away to be disposed in the nearest disposal centre.